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17 May 2024 19:59
Point72, the $34 billion hedge fund of billionaire and owner of the New York Mets, Steven Cohen, held $77.5 million of the Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund (FBTC) as of the close of the first quarter, according to a filing.
17 May 2024 18:34
The fifth-largest cryptocurrency is benefitting from multiple catalysts, including bustling meme coin and DeFi activity, upcoming network upgrade and increasing interest in restaking arriving to the ecosystem.
17 May 2024 18:18
The halving and a possible U.S. mining tax have miners considering new locations for basing their cost-sensitive operations.
17 May 2024 16:56
The CoinDesk 20 Index is higher by more than 4% over the past 24 hours as crypto's big rally this week continues.
17 May 2024 16:11
All but two cryptos in the index moved higher over the past week, with Cosmos and Aptos missing out on the rally.
17 May 2024 16:11
Zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup zkSync has suggested that a governance token airdrop will take place at the end of June.
17 May 2024 15:26
Morgan Stanley was the owner of $269.9 million of Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) as of March 31, a 13F filing showed.
17 May 2024 14:44
The U.S. House of Representatives is on the verge of a vote that will represent the closest the cryptocurrency industry has ever been toward finally winning regulation in the U.S., and the sector's associations and top businesses are encouraging House leaders to support the effort.
17 May 2024 13:06
The current macro backdrop has been positive for crypto market cap growth and trading volumes, the report said.
17 May 2024 13:00
The Bitfinity EVM is designed to allow developers to Bitcoin-based Solidity smart contracts, allowing them to transfer BTC, Ordinals and Runes.
17 May 2024 12:48
The Nigerian court also ruled that the Binance exchange can be served the FIRS tax evasion charges through its executive Tigran Gambaryan.
17 May 2024 12:40
The bill aims to introduce a licensing scheme for crypto firms, which will be handled by the CMB and bring the firms under the regulator's scope.
17 May 2024 12:20
A lawsuit filed on Thursday alleges Dolce & Gabbana USA messed up their delivery resulting in NFTs bought by a customer for $6,000 losing 97% of their value, Bloomberg reports.
17 May 2024 12:13
The pilot will also allow e-CNY wallets to pay retailers, but not person-to-person transfers.
17 May 2024 12:05
The latest price moves in bitcoin (BTC) and crypto markets in context for May 17, 2024. First Mover is CoinDesk’s daily newsletter that contextualizes the latest actions in the crypto markets.
17 May 2024 11:23
One trader said rising risk appetite for alternative assets could cause bitcoin to exceed the $70,000 level over the weekend.
17 May 2024 10:43
Ether's sell-off has stalled at an upward-sloping trendline, characterizing the rally from October lows.
17 May 2024 10:04
The cryptocurrency does not have major supply-side overhangs such as token unlocks or miner sell pressure, the report said.
17 May 2024 07:43
FTM has gained 13% in the last week, and total value locked in Fantom briefly hit $200 million.
16 May 2024 21:08
President Biden's emergency order to halt the Chinese-tied mining on the doorstep of a nuclear-missile base hit days after mining giant CleanSpark struck a deal to buy the property.
16 May 2024 20:07
It is getting harder to buy XMR, but every day that monero continues to exist is proof positive of its value, says CoinDesk's Dan Kuhn.
16 May 2024 18:37
The stock was the second worst performing among crypto stocks on Thursday.
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